Isfahan and Poland to close more than before

"During the Second World War, Polish refugees from the former Soviet Union took refuge in Iran, Isfahan, and they were hosted and welcomed in the Armenian quarter of Isfahan; this positive action has not been forgotten in Poland and we appreciate Isfahani and Iranian people," the Polish charge d'affaires who was present as the representative of Poland said in the joint meeting with Isfahan mayor.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "We are ready to introduce a city of Poland as the sister city of Isfahan; the basis of the relationships between the cities in Poland and Iran should be cultural, and the focus should be on the growth and development of cultural foundations, and also on exchanging and establishing the tourism relationships between two countries. In this regard, it is better to increase the diplomatic relations between countries to develop the urban relations," he said.

"This wasn’t our first meeting, and will not be the last one, we are also waiting for you in our country," the Cuban ambassador said in this meeting. Saying that we are well aware of the importance of human rights and observing them, he hoped, "The relations of Sankyo in Cuba with Isfahan should be more effective and better."

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