Isfahan; civilization example for St. Petersburg

"Isfahan is much older and more civilized than St Petersburg, and we should use the experiences of urban management in Isfahan," the chairman of the Permanent Commission of Establishing the Governance Structure of St Petersburg said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "We have come to Isfahan to visit the beauties of this city and put the development of the relationships with this city as the priority," Yuri Gradonof said. "When we return to Russia, we will introduce Isfahan, the capital of culture and civilization of Iran. By considering this fact that St. Petersburg and Isfahan had been the capitals of their countries, there are many commonalities between these two cities that should be used properly," he continued.

"The development of the relationships between Russia and Isfahan through St. Petersburg is on the agenda, since Russia has stood with the nation and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the US sanctions imposed on Iran. The cooperation of Iran and Russia in different fields such as economic is very wide, and the tourism industry should be improved between these two countries," he noted.

Feeling sorry about traveling of a few number of Russian citizens to Isfahan each year, he said, "We should try to develop the tourism exchange between St Petersburg and Isfahan, so that citizens of both cities will enjoy the capacities of Isfahan and St Petersburg."

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