Bazaars; most important tourist attractions

"In addition to the main function of bazaars, the place of buying, selling, and meeting daily needs of citizens, they are considered as the most important tourism attractions," a MA. Holder in tourism major said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Bazaars in big cities are of great importance; Isfahan Grand Bazaar is one of the most beautiful and biggest bazaars of Iran, which includes coppersmiths, goldsmiths, and herbalist markets," Mansour Ghasemi said. "Perhaps, bazaars don’t prosper nowadays like what they have been in the past, but they are still regarded as a tourist attraction impulse," he added.

"Some bazaars encircling Naghsh-e Jahan square are related to the Safavid era, and some that are scattered around the square have been added during Qajar era," he noted. "There used to be 200 cells with the purpose of promoting tourism and handicrafts in Naghshe jahan square.  At least form the time of Qajar and by opening the gates of the square, some parts have been added, and 600 cells which were available for the governmental meetings have been dedicated to perform various artworks, he continued.

Saying that some parts of the shoe market and coppersmiths bazaar have been added to Naghsh-e Jahan square during Qajar era, he said, "The type of brick and construction pattern of this bazaar is the evidence of this addition."

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