5 November 2018 - 12:02
No trees cut down intentionally

"Even a tree without a license and the experts' opinions has not been lopped since last October," the CEO of the parks, and green space of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Poplar and other trees which have low safe useful life expectancy will be rotten out after about 30 to 35 years; therefore, they may fall when the wind blows as they are so fragile," Forough Mortezaeenejad said.

"Considering the fact that these trees have caused injuries and property damage during the recent years, the trees planted in all 15 municipal districts and Najvan area will be visited by the committee on the elimination of the risks. This committee consists of the experts in the fields of plant pathology and horticulture, as well as green space authorities," she added.

"Removing and displacing the trees existed along the developmental projects throughout the city are also possible after the exact investigations. We are concerning about the environmental issues and try to observe the citizens' rights," he continued.

Saying that tomography devices examine the degree of hollowness inside the trees, she said, "Currently, the experts will recognize tree's level of hollowness according to their outward symptoms, but by using this device, the hollow trees will be identified and cut down without any hesitation." 

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