• 3 November 2018 - 14:07
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سی و سه پل

This time, Isfahani photographers have focused on the architectural and cultural dimension of Isfahan to take its beauties to Tbilisi through their photos; the city which is called the miniature version of Isfahan.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Aknoon gallery has announced a call with the title of "Tbilisi, the miniature version of Isfahan" in order to hold an exhibition. This gallery will display the architectural and cultural dimension of Isfahan after choosing photos among the received works.

"After a few trips to Tbilisi, I understood that this city is very similar to Isfahan, and even there is a sentence in the embassy of Tbilisi about this matter that Tbilisi is the miniature version of Isfahan, and this sentence got me thinking," the manager of Aknoon gallery said about holding this exhibition.

"During may last trip to Tbilisi, I talked with the manager of B & W gallery, which is one of the most professional galleries in Tbilisi; it was supposed to hold a group exhibition of photos taken by Isfahani photographers that show the architecture, culture, civilization, and the local folklore of daily life in Isfahan," Elnaz Rajabian said.

Pointing to the achievements of this exhibition, she added, "The cultural achievement of this exhibition is that people who live in Tbilisi will be familiarized with the architecture and culture of Isfahan."


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