Exhibition of first summer handicrafts school to hold in Isfahan

Announcing the opening of the exhibition of the first summer handicrafts school, the manager of the creativity and new technologies center of Isfahan municipality said, "This exhibition is being held in "Idea gallery" affiliated to the creativity management and new technologies center of Isfahan municipality located in Arg-e Jahan Nama."

Isfahan (IMNA) – "The artworks presented in this exhibition have been prepared with the effort of the new technologies management department of Isfahan municipality and the museum of contemporary art, and now they are being displayed," Mohammad Hossein Ghourchani said.

According to what he said, the opportunity of friendship and communication between art and teenagers will be provided in the exhibition of summer handicrafts school, and the chance of being known, creating a good sense, and being encouraged will be given to the teenagers.

Pointing to the types of displayed artworks, he said, "These artworks are in four majors of hand engraving (Ghalam Zani), enameled work (Minakari), seven-color tiles, and pottery, that teenager students have created them successfully after one week training."

"In the Idea gallery's exhibition of summer school, about 100 artworks of the teenagers' products are being displayed," he added. "The galleries of the city provide adequate spaces for the famous artists' works, and a few galleries give opportunity to art-lover teenagers to display their works that don’t have high artistic value," he continued.

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