More than 2 thousand books donated to Isfahan central prison library

"More than 2 thousand books under the subjects of cultural, social, psychological, and novel have been donated to Isfahan central prison library," the social deputy of the cultural-social organization of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Considering this fact that the new urban management of Isfahan pay special attention to solving the social problems and challenges, creating a cultural space in Isfahan central prison has been put on the agenda," Morteza Rashidi said.

"Currently there are about 10,0000 prisoners in Isfahan central prison, so the urban management of Isfahan has decided to equip this prison," he added.

Saying that a cultural-social agreement has been prepared and will be concluded between the cultural-social organization of Isfahan municipality and Isfahan central prison as soon as possible, he said, "According to this agreement, Isfahan municipality will organize the sports hall of Isfahan prison which has many infrastructural problems, and necessary equipment will be installed there."

"Based on this agreement, it was ordained that the cultural arts programs, that are held in the cultural centers throughout the city, will be taking place in the meeting hall of Isfahan central prison," he noted.

"Cultural recreational organization of Isfahan municipality is going to put some magazines in waiting room of Isfahan prison to be used by the prisoners' families," he said.

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