Restoration of middle axis of Chaharbagh Abbasi pavement to complete

"A committee consisted of 5 urban experts are investigating the best plan to restore the middle axis of Chaharbagh Abbassi Avenue," the manager of Chaharbagh project said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "The specialized committee of Chaharbagh announced a call, so that companies and experienced experts can offer their plans regarding the restoration of the middle axis of Chahahrbagh Abbasi Avenue in terms of recreating the historical sites," Saeed Sohrabi said.

"This call was being held during the last week; after reviewing the received documents, the best plan will be chosen under the supervision of urban design and architecture experts in this committee, and it will be finalized in different phases of architectural investigations," he noted.

"According to the predictions, studies regarding selecting the suitable plan will take 2 to 3 months, and the plan will be implemented at the end of December, but the predicted time is uncertain, since studies should involve all aspects such as urban furniture and lighting," he said.  

Emphasizing on the necessity of creating a comprehensive plan and considering all details before the restoration, he added, "unfortunately, this process has not been taken out so far, therefore, inevitably the studies should be carried out during the implementation  processes."

Saying that this project is a national project, he noted, "Choosing an appropriate plan for the middle axis of Chaharbagh Abbasi Avenue is of great importance, so selecting and implementing the best plan is more important than the time factor. The implementation of this plan should be carefully monitored by the experts to minimize the deficiencies."

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