Land subsidence threatening Isfahan's underground projects

"Land subsidence is threatening Isfahan's underground projects, especially urban train and sewage infrastructures," the member of Isfahan Islamic council said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Pointing to the consequences of the drought in the Zayandeh-Rood river basin River, Amir Ahmad ZandAvar said, "One of the main dangers of this crisis is the land subsidence phenomenon that it should be paid more attention in terms of geology."

"In this regard, we have received some reports about land subsidence in the northern part of Isfahan that should be investigated more," he continued. Saying that this year "Urban Resilience" is the motto of World Cities Day, he added, "This matter should be paid more attention in Isfahan."

Referring to the necessity of further investigation on reviving the worn-out textures, he said, "According to Iran's five-year development plan, each year 10 percent of the worn-out textures of Iranian cities should be restored, and this principle should be taken into account because a fourth of Isfahan's total area includes worn-out texture."

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