• 28 October 2018 - 15:48
  • News Code: 357249
ماهی زینتی

"Isfahan province leads the country in producing 65.5 million ornamental fish for the 20th consecutive year," the manager of fisheries and aquatic department of agricultural Jihad organization said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "According to statistical yearbook of Iran's fisheries organization, 244 million ornamental fish were produced in Isfahan last year," Mojtaba Foghi said. "Isfahan with 26.8 percent of the total production is in the first place, Gilan province with the production of 32.2 million and Tehran province with 32 million ornamental fish are in the second and third places, respectively," he added.

"The production of ornamental fish in the country was in the form of dozens of species at 778 units in 2017 and now the industry has provided the adequate context for direct employment of more than 2,200 people," he said.


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