8 billion tomans spend daily for city maintenance

"The stable revenues of the municipality should not be destructive economically; the measures should be taken in such a way that a part of the income will be left for the next generation," the revenue and income manager of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Currently, it can be said that 50 percent of the municipality's revenue is stable and the rest is unstable," Nader Akhoondi said. "This year's budget of Isfahan municipality is 3,000 billion tomans, that a part of it is allocated for special projects like metro," he added.

Saying that the municipality's budget is mostly defined in urban development sectors and current urban operations, he continued, "The first priority is the current urban operations; when they fulfilled, the development budget will be allocated."

"The current budget is divided into several categories; one part for maintaining the city so that we can preserve it, carrying the waste of Isfahan, irrigating the green space and keeping the appearance of the city, and the other part is allocated to avoid depreciation of the city, since it is being depreciated like a living creature; So, a part of the budget should be considered for the sustainability of the city, so that the city will not be worn-out. Of course, a part of the current budget will be used to pay the municipal employees' salaries as well," he said.

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