Training workshops in cultural centers to be standardized

"The cultural centers affiliated to Isfahan municipality have fulfilled the two determined purposes of the entrepreneurship and culture-building practices successfully," the head of Cultural, and Sports Commission of Isfahan Islamic City Council said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "When we are talking about a child, teenager, or a senior-friendly city, it means that the health of citizens is of great importance, therefore, we try to encourage people to thinking more about their health," Farideh Roshan said.

"In the past, the municipality only tried to follow the service approaches, but now, the policies of the municipality has changed and turned into a cultural-social one. It is expected that the urban management seeks for the promotion and culture-building practices toward the health of the city and citizens," she said.

"The urban projects, such as development and service projects, should have livability approach and be suitable for citizens' lives, and special attention should be paid to the environmental issues and people's health as well," she continued.

Emphasizing on this fact that we should provide a healthy, safe, and peaceful city for citizens, she added, "Developing the health culture has always been one of the prominent purposes that has fulfilled with the support of the deputy mayor for culture, social deputy of the cultural-social organization of the municipality and the head of health culture development department of Isfahan municipality."

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