School traffic increased by 15% in Isfahan

"Due to the 15% increase in school traffic, some measures have been carried out to smooth the traffic flow with the cooperation of Isfahan municipality and traffic police," the head of urban traffic management of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "This year, by completing and launching the first line of the urban train, students, especially the university students, have used this safe and clean vehicle more than before. The timing of working hours of the public transportation is adjusted with the commuting hours of students ," Masoud Bande Khoda said.

"Strengthening the bus fleet, using the school services, revising the traffic signs along the streets, road surface marking, and creating new bus lines have been very effective in smoothing the traffic flow," he noted.

"The necessary decisions for the better and safer daily travel of citizens have been made with the cooperation of the public transportation organization, load transportation organization and urban services department of the municipality," he emphasized.

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