Isfahan pioneer in empowering women as leaders

"We hope that other cities of the country will imitate what Isfahan do in support of women as its city officials empower women as leaders," vice president of Iran for women and family affairs said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Mr, Nowrouzi, the honorable mayor of Isfahan, I appreciate your activities for Isfahani women. May empowering the strong, creative, tactful, and naturalist women will bring many blessings to Isfahan. It is expected that this good decision will be imitated in other cities." Masoumeh Ebtekar twitted to respond to the Isfahan mayor's tweet.

"The appointment of the first mayor after the Islamic revolution as the director of the district 1 of Isfahan, assignment of the CEO of the parks and green space organization to a woman and 2 percent increase in the presence of women as middle managers have been the honors of the urban management in this period," Ghodratollah Nowrouzi, the mayor of Isfahan, twitted with the hashtag of "performance review."

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