Sialk hill; ancient treasure in Kashan

The ancient treasure, Sialk hill, is widely known as the birth place of the world's first civilization

Isfahan (IMNA) - The archaeological complex known as the Sialk Hill (Tape Sialk) is located on the outskirts of Kashan in Isfahan around which remnant of 8000 years of history has been found.  It is the one of the oldest historical places that has been discovered so far. As evidences show it was one of the oldest permanent religious buildings on the planet.

The Sialk Hill actually includes 2 hills with 2 cemeteries; one of them dates back to 3,500 years, and the other one to 3,000 years ago. Old dishes and human bones have been found during the archaeological excavation on this hill.

They are kept at the Louvre Museum, Iran national museum, Fin Garden museum, and a local museum near this monument. The bones of sheep and cattle discovered in this area indicate that people who lived here used to raise these kinds of animals. It is fantastic to imagine people living there over 7,000 years ago!

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