Game Island sees growth in visitors by 40%

Announcing 40% increase in the number of visitors of the Game Island, the director of the Game Island said, "The variety of recreational programs has satisfied families and children."

Isfahan (IMNA) – "The Game Island is a recreational space for the purpose of entertainment which is established under the cultural, recreational, and social organization of Isfahan municipality," Amineh Jalali said.

Saying that various programs have been predicted in this complex in the autumn, she noted, "Currently, the Game Island hosts preschool and school children, and guests from other organizations. Actually, the morning shift is allocated for students, and the afternoon shift is for families with their children."

"The settled booths in the Game Island provide some services such as familiarizing with animals, playing with sand, color, mud, ceramic, creative structures, tile works, face painting, creative show, ball pool, and other movement games," Jalali said regarding the type of games, entertainments in the Game Island.

Announcing the "booth of jobs" in the Game Island, he said, "Children can assess their interest in various jobs by attending this booth; undoubtedly, the assessment of interest at early age will ultimately lead them to success in adulthood."

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