Autumn leaves to turn into free fertilizers

"The autumn leaves are returned to the nature annually with the production of more than two thousand tons of leaf molds," the CEO of the parks and green space organization of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Isfahan has about 3,700,000 hectares green space and about 3 million trees and shrubs, and in fact, these trees and their leaves are the respiratory lungs of the city that absorb carbon dioxide from the air," Forough Mortezaeenejad said.

"Falling autumn leaves will create a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere in the city; these leaves will be collected and delivered to the research departments of the parks organization in Mahmood Abad and Jarookan neighborhoods," she added.

"Most of autumn leaves throughout the city are collected in district 4 of the municipality and Najvan forest park; the collected leaves from these areas will be changed into leaf molds in the Forest Station of the city," she continued.

"After delivering the collected leaves to the research department, they will be crushed and stored, then after a while, they will be changed into leaf molds and organic materials," she noted.

"The amount of organic matters in Iran's soil is poor; so, the fertilizers produced from the autumn leaves are very effective in improving the chemical and physical quality of the soil. The natural fertilizers produced from the leaves, are not dangerous like the chemical one, and it helps the organic farming sector by changing into compost," she also said.

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