improving quality of life in deprived neighborhoods of Isfahan

Saying that the quality improvement of the deprived neighborhoods is on the agenda, the head of district two of Isfahan municipality said, "Bus line 56 of Dehno neighborhood is one of the few bus lines that works intra-regionally."

Isfahan (IMNA) – "About two billion tomans has been allocated to provide buses for citizens in district 2; also, installing the benches and equipping the bus stations will be also carried out in the near future," he added.

"Launching this line is an effective step toward increasing the public welfare, since many students are commuting in this area, and people cannot commute with taxis due to their low income; the same measures should be taken in other neighborhoods as well; in this regard, the next program of the municipality of district two is improving the quality of bus services in Shahrak-e Parto." Keihani continued.

"Due to the narrow streets in this neighbourhood, it was not possible to construct bus line. Also, concluding the related contracts in this regard was also postponed due to the currency fluctuations, however, the authorities of the Bus Company are following this project seriously," he said regarding the construction of bus line in Shahrak-e Resalat.

"This bus line is an intra-regional line, and is about 3.5 kilometers which leads to the main road," he added.

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