Isfahani women to take advantage of bibliotherapy

"The bibliotherapy project for Isfahani women will be implemented in "The Women's Special Library" with the purpose of psycho-emotional healing," the head of Library and Study hall affairs department of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "The project of book reading and bibliotherapy for women will be implemented with two approaches of creating a preventive role and self-help therapy for women," Tayebeh Fatemi said regarding the bibliotherpay project.

Emphasizing on this fact that books are perfect tools for self-help therapy, she said, "reading books is not the goal in this project, but it is indirectly contributed to increasing the reading percapita; books are actually used for self-help therapy."

"The thinking room of this project is considered to be in the library departments, but the first conference of familiarizing with this project will be run by Ehsan Kazemi, the psychologist and psychotherapist in the central library or the women's special library, Banoo Saray-e Aftab. This project can be implemented for both men and women," she said regarding the location of bibliotherapy programs.

"The way bibliotherapy works is that in the first conference, the subjects like regret, disloyalty, self-loving, betrayal, and psychological issues of the society will be discussed and the audience of these subjects are supposed to participate in discussions as well. This project will be implemented for 3 or 4 months in groups and then individually." She said.

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