Isfahan's urban master plan to develop citizen's participation

"Implementing the comprehensive urban master plan of Isfahan is a step toward developing knowledge-based citizen participation," the mayor of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "The importance of preparing the comprehensive urban master plan with a new approach is due to the fact that this project will be implemented with the involvement of people in managing urban affairs and with the participation of all the stakeholders, citizens, elites, counselors, NGOs, companies, trade unions, associations, and also in discussion with the university professors," he continued.

"This comprehensive plan can solve the urban issues and standardize them in all directions, it can also ensure the citizen's future to have a good life in Isfahan by solving the current problems," he noted.

Referring to presenting the report of the annual performance of Isfahan municipality in the 50th plenary meeting of Isfahan Islamic council, Nowrouzi said "Despite all shortcomings, I am happy that during the last year, we carried out the affairs according to the announced scheduled plan with the efforts of all employees of the municipality."

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