One of European cities, step-sister of Isfahan

"We have consulted with UNICEF and the Interior Ministry, so that one of the European cities will be the step-sister of Isfahan city in the near future," the deputy of urban planning and architecture of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "The new policy of the urban planning and architecture department of Isfahan municipality is running the "concept of the right to the city", which means that the city doesn’t only belong to men, but also it should be a safe and attractive place for children and elderly too. Of course, paying attention to this issue is emphasized in designing the new urban spaces throughout the city," Seyed Ahmad Hosseini Nia said.

Saying that the improving the quality of children's playground in terms of the urban design and urban planning has been set up and presented to the Isfahan Islamic city council, he said, "by considering the role-taking of children in the chart of the urban planning and architecture department of Isfahan municipality, a specialized child-friendly center has been established in Isfahan."

"The international center of the child-friendly city works under the indirect supervision of UNICEF, and in different fields such as the development of play and recreation spaces, the involvement of children in the urban decision-making, education, health, and the urban environment," Hosseini Nia added.

Pointing out that Isfahan municipality was the first one in Iran that  joined the network of child-friendly cities of the world officially, he noted, "The missions of the international center of child-friendly city are urban development based activities, but it is considered as the inter-institutional complex that its main tasks are developing the urban infrastructures, human and social development and its activities will be enhanced in the municipality and governmental institutions."

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