Urban health issues lies ahead of city officials

Paying attention to the urban health of Isfahani citizens and allocating enough budget are the most necessary issues lies ahead of the city officials. "We should take more drastic steps regarding the urban health in Isfahan," an architecture expert said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Unfortunately, due to the dryness of the Zayandeh-Rood River, many vermin such as the mice have found their way into the city; in this regard, spraying poison by the exterminators is a necessary action as many mice go to the houses near the river and they can easily cause a variety of illnesses in the future," Asie Javadi said. 

"A suitable budget should be allocated to ensure the health of Isfahani citizens," she suggested. Emphasizing on using the experts' opinions to solve the urban issues, she said, "Undoubtedly, if the experts' guidelines are applied, the urban development will be flourished as well."

Referring to the tourism boom and the tourist attraction in Isfahan, Javadi said, "The tourism industry can be considered as an economic resource for Isfahan regarding the existing potentials in the city and also its historicity, so the capacities should be put into practice."

Stressing the reviving of the worn-out textures, she noted, "So far, the reviving processes of the worn-out textures have been in an acceptable level, and we can take advantages of the domestic and foreign tourists' potential in these textures, since the unique historical features of Isfahan are known for everybody."

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