Municipal waste separation plant equipped with modern technologies

Announcing the modifications of the waste separation plant lines, the CEO of the waste management organization of Isfahan municipality said, "By modifying the lines, the municipal waste separation plant will be equipped with the modern technologies."

Isfahan (IMNA) – Pointing to the 30 year old waste separation plant and the necessity of upgrading the equipment of this plant, Ali Dehnavi said, "The old equipment doesn’t allow us to manage the waste properly. So, the design, construction, and modification of the plant lines will be upgraded as soon as possible."

Referring to buying a device known as ballistic separator machine, he said, "By using this machine, three-dimensional objects such as beverage containers, styrofoam plates, paper and cardboard are separated. Certainly, this technology is the most updated technology in the world."

Announcing the distribution of safe boxes throughout the city for the first time in Isfahan, he said, "According to this plan, citizens can separate the special type of their waste such as razor blades, ampoules, syringe and different types of batteries that are hazardous wastes and keep them in the boxes; currently this project is running in some areas and it will be implemented in other neighborhoods after receiving the feedback."

Pointing to the establishment of the environmental cultural center for the first time in Isfahan, he said, "This cultural center will be established with the aim of waste management training in Isfahan,  students of different ages will be familiarized with the environmental issues and waste management after attending the cultural center."

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