Revival of  worn-out textures; from words to action

Saying that the worn-out textures of Isfahan are extending like cancer, an architecture expert said, "Regarding the reviving of the worn-our texture, slogans have been more popular than taking the necessary actions, however, words are not deeds."

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Good measures have not been taken out regarding the revival of the worn-out textures; decaying urban areas will be extended, if serious actions are not taken," Hamed Shafiee said.

Referring to the historical value of Isfahan metropolis, he said, "by proper planning, the required infrastructures can be developed to attract tourists. We should not give the opportunity of attracting tourists to other cities that don’t have the same capabilities of the historical city of Isfahan, on the other hand we should continuously try to preserve and develop the tourist attractions in our city."

Pointing to this fact that Isfahan is known for its cleanliness, Shafiee noted, "The cleanliness of Isfahan is a capability that has been achieved with the mutual effort of citizens and the municipality; gaining the culture of keeping the city clean was not possible without implementing the policies of the municipality."

"Undoubtedly, Isfahan municipality has reached an acceptable level regarding the activities related to the urban services. Isfahan always being known for its cleanliness and the green space preservation," he said while addressing the role and performance of Isfahan municipality in the urban services.

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