Protecting children's rights duty of all citizens

Saying that protecting the children's rights is the duty of all citizens, the mayor of Isfahan said, "We should make every effort to achieve the cultural promotion and intellectual development of the children."

Isfahan (IMNA) – "The international organization of UNICEF has chosen Isfahan as the child-friendly city, we hope that our city will be introduced officially as the capital of the child-friendly cities in Iran as soon as possible," Ghodratollah Nowrouzi said.

"Social ceremonies and the urban designs should be in harmony with the presence of the children in society and represent our respect to their rights," he hoped. "The cultural, social, and sport organization of Isfahan municipality will host various special programs in the city on the occasion of the international children's day," he noted.

Pointing to holding the 13th summit of investment managers and public participation association of metropolitan municipalities of the country in Isfahan, he said, "In this meeting, the emphasize was placed on attracting the private sector to participate in the implementation of the projects and removing the legal barriers, and also the cooperation of the municipalities to introduce the investors who are interested to base in Isfahan."

Referring to visiting the 21st Int'l Exhibition of Building & Construction Industry, Nowrouzi said, "The number of the visitors has increased in comparison to the last year, and more diverse goods have been offered; these cases indicate that the hope for prosperity in construction industry, purchasing and selling, and escaping the stagnation in the construction industry has increased."

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