Isfahan municipality interacts with World Bank to solve environmental problems

"Isfahan municipality has negotiated with different international organizations and institutions to take advantage of their experiences and knowledge to solve the environmental problems," the mayor of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Air pollution is very important matter, so Isfahan municipality tries to provide a safe and healthy environment for citizens to have a peaceful life by using the fundamental strategies," Ghodratollah Nowrouzi said. "Atmospheric and acoustic pollution threatens Isfahan; so far, we have interacted with all related departments and organizations of Isfahan  and Tehran provinces to reduce the pollutants," he added.

"The most important measures which have been taken by Isfahan municipality to reduce the pollutants are developing the public transport network, enhancing the public transport services, strengthening the subway infrastructures, recommending people to use their cars less than before, filtering the factories around Isfahan and observing the environmental issues," he noted.

Saying that the municipality tries to receive the technical assistance and necessary knowledge from international environmental organizations such as the World Bank, he said, "The municipality has focused on this subject to make the environmental pollution more tangible for all people."

Referring to establishing the Air Quality Monitoring Stations in Isfahan, Nowrouzi said, "Nine stations are active throughout the city to monitor air and sound;  Improving the stations is on the agenda to provide us with higlhly accurate data."

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