4 October 2018 - 10:10
Jarchi Mosque

Jarchi Mosque was built in 1019 AH by Malek Sultan Jarchi Bashi, near the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan. It has no courtyard, and is actually like a shabestan.

Isfahan (IMNA) - The inscription on the monumental portal of the mosque is designed with calligraphic art work. Decorative tile works with dark blue color theme is also used to design the Shabestan. White and brown color flowers are other ornamentation on the tiles. Among these decorations, the white and russet flowers are more obvious.

The altar of this mosque is made of marble and the materials like tile, stone, brick, plaster, and even wood. In some mosques, we can see several alters that indicates a large population or the existence of different beliefs and prayers; although this mosque is small, it has two altars. The Ivan at the entrance of the Jarchi mosque  (the portal of the mosque) is designed with beautiful Muqarnas works.

In the past, people made doors from plane or walnut wood, so that the xylophagous cannot cause structural damage to the doors; the entrance gate of this mosque that remained intact, is considered as one of the interesting historical monuments of Iran and it seems that it is also made of plane wood. There is a small stone-trough in front of the entrance gate of Jarchi mosque; stone-troughs are among the decorative and ritual objects in the religious buildings.

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