Maneuver of "no single-occupancy vehicles" in Isfahan

Announcing the dramatic maneuver of "no single-occupancy vehicles" to encourage Isfahani citizens to use the public transportation, the head of citizenship culture development department of Isfahan municipality said, "This dramatic maneuver is conducted in the intersections at the center of the city like Abshar and Takhti intersections, from 23th to 27th September."

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Every year, the urban traffic load increases with the beginning of the school year, therefore, citizenship culture development department affiliated to Isfahan municipality with the cooperation of deputy of transportation and traffic organization and the communication and international affairs department of Isfahan municipality have prepared out-of-home advertising with the subject of "using public transportation", which have been installed on buses, taxis, and the public areas of the city, to decrease the urban traffic load," Ahmad Rezaei Dar Afshani said.

Pointing to the distribution of 20 thousand booklets with the subject of citizenship, Rezaei Dar Afshani said, "Some artists present these booklets with the themes of "using bicycles and public transportation and tips to stay safe crossing the streets" to the students who use subways and buses every day."

"For more detailed information about the cultural products and the programs of the citizenship culture development department of Isfahan municipality, you can call 34467360-61,or go to the website of," he noted.

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