Jahan Nama hotel to regain its lost prosperity

"We have negotiated with a number of investors regarding the construction of Jahan Nama hotel in the least possible time," the head of Registrar's Department of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Pointing to the current situation of Arg-e Jahan Nama Hotel, Morteza Afrouzi said, "In the agreement between the municipality and Police Force Cooperation Foundation in 2009, it was ordained that Jahan Nama Hotel with an area of 30 thousand square meters will be constructed as soon as possible by the Police Cooperation Foundation, but due to the changes in the management and policies, the Police Cooperation Foundation gave up, and the matter of construction remained in suspense for many years."

Saying that the appearance of this building is very important in terms of the landscape and urban design, he added, "The third and fourth phase of Arg-e Jahan Nama were negatively overshadowed due to the suspension of construction project of this hotel. Therefore, the municipality tries to construct and complete this hotel."

"During the various meetings and the further actions of the municipality, an agreement was concluded between the municipality and the Police Cooperation Foundation at the end of last year, and it was ordained that Arg Jahan Nama Hotel project will be assigned to the municipality, and finally after some years, the urban management of Isfahan gave back the ownership of this hotel to the municipality," he noted.

Referring to the negotiation with some investors to construct the hotel in the least possible time, he stressed, "All investors who are interested in constructing this hotel can invest in this part to help regain the lost prosperity of this building."

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