Tabriz-Ankara cooperation to share experiences

The municipalities of Tabriz and Ankara cooperate with each other to organize the urban problems such as marginalization, traffic, and green space.

Isfahan (IMNA) –Iraj Shahin Baher the mayor of Tabriz, and  Mostafa Tuna, the mayor of Ankara met each other in Ankara by the formal invitation letter of Tuna.

Referring to the strengthening of relationships in various levels and the commonalities of religion and language, as well as relatively similar climatic and cultural conditions of Tabriz and Ankara, Shahin Baher said, "Holding the joint meeting sessions to enjoy the experiences of both cities regarding the urban planning and development, human resources, solving the problems of marginalization, traffic, and green space is very useful and effective."

In this meeting, beside the emphasis on the necessity of increasing the relationships and sharing the knowledge and experiences of tourism industry, the initial agreement was also concluded to transfer tourists from Turkey to Tabriz. Mostafa Tuna considered Tabriz as one of the most historical cities of Iran and the middle east, and expressed his interest to visit Tabriz.

Pointing to the cultural problems in the marginal urban neighborhoods, he said, "Cultural breakdown and social anomalies are intensified in the former marginalized neighborhoods because nowadays high-rise buildings are constructed in these areas."

Saying that this issue has been the problem of Ankara too, Tuna emphasized on studying and implementing the new plans with the neighborhood-based approach.

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