15 September 2018 - 12:40
Let’s take subway at new school year

"Organizing urban traffic" and "facilitating students' transition" are among the certain priorities of Traffic and Transportation Organization of Isfahan Municipality during the first two weeks of October.  With the cooperation of Isfahan General Department of Education and other responsible organizations, we will be able to solve the upcoming problems regarding the students' transitions," Alireza Salavati said

Isfahan (IMNA) – As we know with the beginning of the new school year, the number of vehicle travels will increases. The main solution to escape this heavy traffic is using public transportation. “The first priority of Traffic and Transportation Organization of Isfahan is to encourage students to use public transportation options such as the subway, bus, and taxi,” the deputy director of Traffic and Transportation Organization of Isfahan Municipality emphasized.

This year, with the cooperation of General Department of Education of Isfahan,70,000  students will use the school buses,” Salavati said. He also announced the special rules for activities, behaviors, and dress codes of taxi drivers and said that Isfahan Bus Company is trying to increase the quantity and quality of the bus fleet to welcome the city trips which are going to be increased next week.

Bus transportation is provided to students in such a way to meet parents' satisfaction. With the cooperation of the General Department of Education of Isfahan Province, 50 buses are allocated to students’ cultural and recreational trips,” said the Transportation and Traffic deputy director of Isfahan Municipality.

"Let's Take the Subway" is a special program which is carried out with the cooperation of Cultural, Social, and Sports Organization and the Citizenship Culture Committee of Isfahan Municipality; according to this plan, students are the main priority of transportation fleet,” announced Salavati. The headway will be reduced to10  minutes coincide with the beginning of the school year.

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