Unique art of Isfahan; Combination of toreutics and carpet weaving

Isfahani artist has introduced a new art to the handicrafts world of this province; the new inspiration is the combination of toreutics and carpet weaving, that has the potential to be introduced in the world.

Isfahan (IMNA) – In the alleys of one of the old neighborhood of Isfahan, a toreutics artist  has mixed his artworks with carpet weaving to create a unique and novel handicraft. The combination of carpet string and metal may be unbelievable, but this unknown master from the neighborhood of Rahnan succeeded to create a new tapestry with the combination of these two materials.

Pointing to his unique tapestry, he said, "This art is the combination of copper smithing, enameled works and toreutics. The frame of this tapestry is made from brass and copper is used inside the carpet." Hamid Ashrafi, the director of the 11th municipal district of Isfahan, who has visited this Rahnani artist, believe that the tapestry has not been produced by any artists before and this masterpiece of master Gholami is unique among its kind. "We should not pay attention only to the price of this artwork, but also we should consider the 50-years' experience behind it," he emphasized.

"We try to take the attention of sponsors with the support of Isfahan mayor, and if the suitable context are provided, his artwork will be displayed in the museum of contemporary art," he said. Ashrafi emphasizes that we can receive help from the artists like Gholami to renew the historical bathhouse of Rahnan and give identity to this neighborhood in order to introduce its artists.

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