Drastic transformation of cities depends on festivals

"Holding the local and cultural festivals help to improve the city's development and transformation," the commerce deputy of the Isfahan's Municipality's Cooperation Organization said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Pointing to the importance and significance of Tiran grapes festival which is a cultural event, Hamed Abbasi Nami said, "The grape festival in Tiran and Kravan will provide an opportunity to introduce the capacities of this area to people of Isfahan province and also travelers from all parts of the country and subsequently attracts many investors in this regard."

"The geographical location of Tiran and Karvan County is one of the hidden opportunities and investment capabilities in this area. If people of Isfahan province and other cities of the country are invited to this area in the form of festivals, the investment opportunities will be strengthened in this area," he continued.

Referring to the tourism capacities of Tiran and Karvan, he said, "The historical monuments,tourist attractions, and the fresh air of Tiran and Karvan County have led to inbound tourism visitor growth during all seasons; so, the capacities should be used more than before."

"The urban management in Tiran and Karvan County can make a drastic transformation in this area by following a tourism approach," he added.

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