29 August 2018 - 15:21
Najvan trees in danger

"According to adverse effects of Zayande-Rood River being dried up and the bad situations of water wells, difficult conditions have emerged regarding the preservation of the Najvan greenness," Director of Najvan Development Plan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Najvan woodland has been a part of the history of Isfahan since many years ago, so urban management has tried to preserve the greenness and identity of Najvan," Hassan Shafiee said. Announcing that half of the wells that provide the required water for the green space of Najvan being dried up, he said, "Water resources of the available wells have been minimized, and the increased water hardness has also caused the early fall for the trees and leaves as they become wilted."

Saying that some parts of Najvan is being irrigated with traditional methods and by using tankers, Shafiee noted, "Isfahan municipality has put the management of the available water resources on the agenda to preserve this pristine area.Currently, two reservoirs of Najvan have been constructed and the construction operations of the next two reservoirs, considered as the water collector, is in progress." 

pointing out that in a long-term plan, constructing the treatment plant in order to use wastewater to irrigate Najvan green space has put on the agenda, he also said, "Currently, we are trying to preserve the existing situation of Isfahan respiratory system without using the wastewater."

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