Najvan women garden hosted disabled and specific patients every Tuesday

Najvan women garden hosts disabled and specific patients every Tuesday, with a special emphasis on disabled people's contribution to the various recreational and cultural programs.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Announcing the holding of family sand festival and sand play therapy in this center, Parisa Shateri said, "Family sand festival has been held since 2 month ago, every Thursday and Friday in Najvan women garden, also the women sand play therapy is held during the weekdays, that includes 30 minutes limbering and stretching in the sand, 45 minutes meditation and sunbathing. Also, children can enjoy the sand land of the Najvan women garden."

"The festival of native and local games will also be held as a family celebration from Eid-e Ghorban till Eid-e Ghadir, in Najvan women garden from 4.30 p.m to 7 p.m," she continued. Pointing to the holding of 7 family festivals with the participation of the 14th municipal district in the deprived areas," the director of Najvan women garden said, "2 walking programs, and 2 mountain trip programs especially for women will be held every month by Najvan women garden."

"Women morning workout program has been held since the beginning of summer in Najvan women garden from 8 a.m. of odd days; interested girls and women can bike in this center and also be trained to cycle," Shateri said. "This year, 210 recreational programs will be held under the title of "Soot-e Shadi" program. This program will continue to hold in all areas of Isfahan, up to one week before the month of Muharram," she noted.


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