27 small-scale power stations to launch in Isfahan municipality buildings

"So far, 27 small-scale power stations have installed with the coordination of Isfahan Electricity distribution companies into the buildings, the roofs, the yards of the municipality; each of these power stations produce 3-4 kilowatts," the director of optimization of renewable energy organization of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Nowadays, there are some problems related to the reduction of energy resources around the world, but developed countries try to use less fossil fuel and use more renewable energies; Iran  is no exception in this regard, and has taken good measures to use renewable energies," Amir Hossein Malekpour said. 

"Isfahan is ready to expand every kind of renewable energies by having more than 300 sunny days annually, windy areas, many ranches, and an automated system for waste collection," he added.

"In the first step, photovoltaic panels were installed at the top of the urban lights in the city's parks; these panels receive the solar energy during the day, and store it in the battery installed in its lower part, so that it will transform the stored energy to the light energy during the night," he continued. 

"As technology progresses, Isfahan municipality takes more effective measures regarding the integrated power plant in the parks.  For example, 2 kilowatts power station samples has been installed in Boustan-e mellat,  Abshar park, Kowsar park," he said.

"Due to the fact that Isfahan is not windy, only one wind turbine has been installed in the windiest area of Sofeh Mountain symbolically that produces 620 kilowatts energy daily," he also said.

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