Holding special programs to bring happiness in Isfahan

"This summer, happy and various special programs are being held in the neighborhoods of 12th municipal district in the form of Neshatestan summer festival," the head of 12th municipal district of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "Isfahani citizens are experiencing the Neshatestan festival during this summer by the purpose of promoting social vitality in all areas and neighborhoods. We also provide them with "citizen's training workshops" in the form of happy and various programs," Ali Bagheri said.

"People's welcoming of this program that includes various parts such as; holding training workshops for young couples with the subject of learning marital skills, holding photo and graphic images exhibitions, running special programs for 2 nights in Hakimeh school in Mahmood Abad neighborhood, and holding a recreational camp for young couples, reflects the deep impact of this special program among people living in this area," he added.

"Marital skills like the ability to have an effective communication with the mates, increasing the patience and tolerance threshold in the life, showing the kindness and love to the mates, are considered the important and effective skills in the marital life. It has been tried to train these skills in the form of demonstrations to the citizens who are present in these programs," Bagheri continued.

Referring to the social-cultural programs with a training-based approach according to the needs of people in the 12th municipal district, he mentioned, "The training content of each program is compiled based on the people's social-cultural needs of the same neighborhood."

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