18 August 2018 - 11:13
Tourism village of Esfarjan

The tourism village of Esfarjan in Shahreza County which is located 50 kilometers south east of Shahreza County and 120 kilometers of Isfahan has a temperate climate.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Concerning the geographic location of Esfarjan village, it has a mountain climate, so it is very cool in the summer. Facilities such as the anthropology museum, the historical park, and the rural photographer studio are available in the cultural section of the tourism village of Esfarjan.

In the sports center, sports like wrestling, swimming, soccer, golf, shooting, basketball, volleyball, rock climbing, tennis, billiard, and badminton has been provided. The welfare section is another positive point of this village that includes the facilities like Timcheh, restaurant, tea house, and garden hall; Nowrouz travelers and tourists can use the provided villas, camping, and motels in this village and enjoy the experience.

In the recreational center, facilities like the zoo, bird garden, Mellal garden, children's amusement park, water Park, artificial lake and waterfall, carriage ride, cable car, and desert tourism are available for use. Ja Abassi or Jui Abassi castle is an old castle which is located in the eastern side of the village, in an area with the most vineyards and grape gardens. This area has high-quality seedless grapes that are suitable to prepare green raisins and sunny raisins.

In the eastern side and in the low neighborhood of the village, there is an Imamzadeh that people believe that he is the son of Imam Musa Ibn Jafar. In the past, this Imamzadeh had a green dome with very beautiful tileworks, and a green wooden shrine surrounded the Imamzadeh.

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