16 August 2018 - 09:47
Historical textures not worn-out

"The nature of historical texture in Isfahan is different from worn-out texture, the historical texture cannot be considered as the worn-out texture because of its oldness, since worn-out textures are decayed because of various factors," an architectural expert said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "The definition of the worn-out texture of each city is restricted to the specific characteristics of that city. In fact, the worn-out textures don’t have similar characteristics, and the categorization factor of various cities is different,"Jamshid Hodaie said.

"The lack of a proper administrator to maintain and improve the worn-out textures has changed the usages of these textures, as we have seen that workshop usage is formed in the worn-out and historical textures," he continued.

"Some lands located in the worn-out textures have been decayed due to the negligence, the lack of attendance, and also the lack of proper infrastructure; therefore, some centers should be created in the worn-out neighborhoods so that people can talk about their problems regarding the worn-out textures," Hodaie said.

Saying that the activities should not be commanded from top to bottom organizations regarding the revival of the worn-out texture, he noted, "citizens should participate in reviving the worn-out textures, so that the renovation operations will be completed sooner."

Considering the city council and assistant city council's effective role that are the communication institutions with people and the urban management, he said, "Concerning that the members of the city council are chosen from among people of that city, they are trustworthy. Therefore, people's participation in reviving the worn-out textures can be enhanced by building trust among the citizens."


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