13 August 2018 - 13:08
Sadr-e Bazaar school

Imitating the architectural design of Chaharbagh School, Sadr-e Bazaar school was built at the center of Jarchi Bashi bazaar by the effort of "Mohammad Hossein Khan Sadr Isfahani".

Isfahan (IMNA) – The construction has two floors; on the first floor there are 58 chambers and 6 chambers were also built on the second floor. This building has an area of 900 square meters. At first, a big Iwan with a high ceiling on three sides was built as the school. On the western side of the school, a library was established at the time of Ayatollah Khorasani.

The form of the chambers, the front Iwans, sub-schools (big Iwans with high ceilings), very wide yards, and pretty large gardens are very interesting and they show the magnanimity and high endeavor of the school's founder. The architecture, design, and school's plan have attracted people's attention.

The beauties of this construction come from the skillful and creative artworks of Isfahani artists during the first half of the thirteenth century. In addition, old and tall pine trees have enhanced the beauty of the school. In 1366 S.H, the design of the upstairs and the construction of more than 40 chambers, decorative muqarnas vaulting in the iwans, and 3 sub-schools in the upper ground floor, and also a building with three floors with an area of about 3000 square meters have been provided as a library and a community hall.

The library of Sadr School established in the place of the old library; it has 20000 thousands seminary books, and more than 1000 manuscripts and lithographs.

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