11 August 2018 - 09:53
Old textures of city to revive

"Reviving the old texture of third municipal district of Isfahan which includes the center of the city is one of the municipality's priorities in this year," the head of district 3 of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "The most old textures of Isfahan is located in district 3 of municipality, so one of the important plans of the municipality is to revive the old textures like the houses, bathhouses, and bazaars," Hassan Kargar said. Referring to the implemented measures for the restoration and renovation of the Sine Paeeni arcade in Abdol Razegh bazaar, Nimavar arcade, Khosro Agha bathhouse, Shahzadeh bathhouse, and the ceiling of Hassan Abad bazaar, he added, "Some years ago, the ceiling of the bazaars collapsed; the good news is that their restoration has begun since last year."

"The cost of restoration of Sine Paeeni arcade in Abdol Razegh bazaar was about 900 million tomans and the cost for Nimavar bazaaar was stimated about 600 million tomans," he continued. Stating that the restoration of the historical bathhouses which will have a great impact on development of Isfahan tourism industry, has put on the agenda, Kargar said, "The revival and restoration of the historical Khosro Agha bathhouse located in Hakim Street has started in this regard."

"Strengthening, roof load mitigation, decorations and tile works are among the actions that have been carried out in Shahzadeh bathhouse; the restoration operation of this bathhouse has moved ahead 80 percent till now," he noted. Saying that good measures have also been taken in Dardasht bazaar, he said, "About 350 million tomans has been allocated to restore the Hassan Abad bazaar locating near Imam Khomeini square; the project has progressed about 65 percent till now."


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