• 7 August 2018 - 14:34
  • News Code: 350276
قلعه نهچیر

"The municipality has restored one of the old and valuable historical houses to construct a museum, and we expect the cooperation of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Administration to provide the construction permit of the museum," the governor of Mobarakeh said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Mobarakeh County has good potentials and capacities regarding the tourism industry and it has been able to use this potential effectively," Hamid Asarzadegan said in the joint meeting with the director general of Isfahan cultural heritage organization.

Saying that the interactions of the municipalities and the cultural heritage organization are valuable, he added, "Isfahan Cultural heritage organization and the tourism administration should pay special attention to Mobarakeh in order to introduce this county as an important destination regarding the tourism industry."

Pointing to the existence of the historical Arg in Mobarakeh County, he said,"Mobarakeh municipality has invested to restore and reconstruct the historical Nahchir Arg. This historical Arg has attracted many tourists from the province itself and different cities of Iran. By considering the extent of the castle, the national and provincial credit is required to complete the restoration."


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