Safety; first priority of Isfahan metro super-project

"Currently, the safety issues of the urban train super-project of Isfahan is considered as one of the pressing matters of this organization," CEO of Isfahan urban railway organization said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Emphasizing on the necessity of paying attention to the safety issues in this super-project, Seyed Mohammad Reza Bonahkdar Hashemi said, "The organization tries to reduce the risks of the projects significantly with the efforts of all the managers, and the cooperation of the Employment Office."

Pointing to the importance of safety activities in the urban train project, he said, "Concerning that urban train super project is considered as a great urban development activity, increasing the safety will reduce the probable incidents and also will enhance the citizens' satisfaction."

Paying attention to the safety issues of the urban train project is necessary

"If an incident, even a minor one, occurs in great projects like the urban trains, it will be very dangerous as many people use it daily. Therefore, the safety tips in the urban train projects are very important," the supervisor of Isfahan labor inspectorate said.

Physical incidents and negative financial events of Isfahan metro project have reduced

Saying that currently the serious efforts have been made regarding the safety and health issues in the urban train super-project, Mahdi Amiri continued, "According to the accomplished investigations, it has been indicated that the number of the physical injuries and financial-related problems of Isfahan urban train projects has fallen significantly with the indicators of frequency rate and severity rate. It can be said that the HSE (The Health, Safety, and Environmental) organization is one of the leading organization in this regard."

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