• 2 August 2018 - 09:00
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فرونشست زمین

"The land subsidence is like a silent earthquake that threatens Isfahan's land stability," The head of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning of the Municipality of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Concerning the importance of land subsidence as a silent earthquake, the municipality has put the study project of risk analysis and the earthquake risk management of Isfahan with the cooperation of Isfahan governor on the agenda," Faryad Parhiz said.

Stating that the urban management should insist on financing the preparation of zonation plan of Isfahan's subsidence, he mentioned, "This map shows the areas that are particularly at risk from subsidence and require safety strategies."

"A contract regarding the preparation of the comprehensive map of Isfahan will be concluded soon, this map should concern with the land subsidence and the related micro-zonation, in order to take advantages of its guidelines for high-rise constructions; this issue that what parts of the city should have low rise buildings should be determined. The endangered points will also turn into open-air spaces," Parhiz said.

Saying that the preparation of the comprehensive plan of city is necessary to have a stable city, he emphasized, "The city's zonation should be determined so that we can announce firmly that in what areas the land subsidences has happened. Currently, the evidence shows the land subsidence in Ashegh Abad neighborhood."


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