• 1 August 2018 - 15:43
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باغ فین

The Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism department of Isfahan province announced the special restoration and preservation of old trees in the Fin garden.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "In addition to the historical values of the old trees in the Fin garden, they are considered as the symbol of Iranian garden; besides, they have the national and global values," Freydoon Allahyari said. "Currently, the number of trees in the Fin garden is about 360 old trees, 450 young trees, with an average age of 350 years and the height of 18 to 22 meters; the wonderful collection of trees in the garden is unique compared to other Iranian gardens. The preservation and protection of these trees require proficiency and special measures," he added.

Stating that trees as well as humans require protection and care when they grow older, he said, "With the cooperation of the managers of Kashan, important plans have been implemented regarding the re-pruning, restoring, and reviving the green space of Fin garden in Kashan."

"Since recent years, the damages caused by atmospheric factors such as; heavy winds, heavy rainfall and frostbite have put the trees in danger; some of these risk factors can be considered as serious and threatening ones. Therefore, all the trees should be checked one by one by a plant specialist, and discovered all the damages caused by decays, fractures, holes, wound places, injuries, and they should be protected with special materials," Allahyari added.

The historical Fin garden of Kashan with an area of 23,700 square meters is located near the Soleymanie spring. It is registered in the list of Iranian national heritage in 1935, and registered globally in UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011.


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