Sheikh Bahai hammam; Magical architecture

Sheikh Bahai hammam belongs to the Safavid-Qajar era; it is registered in the list of national monument of Iran on July 20, 1998, with the registration number of 2063.

Isfahan (IMNA) - This hammam was being warmed only with a candle and a complex engineering system. There are many rumors about how to warm this hammam, but the only accepted theory about this hammam is that there was an underground clay drainage system between this hammam and the public latrine of the Jameh mosque; this system directed the gases like methane and sulfur oxides to the torch of the heated pool; then these gases burned as the main source of heat in the torch of the heated pool.

Maybe these gases were directly collected from the landfill waste in the hammam itself.  During the restoration of Sheikh Bahai house which is located near the hammam, clay water pipes and associated wells were found which are suspected to be some parts of the hammam design. The archeological studies in this area indicate that the sewage of Isfahan was brought into the hammam by the sewage collection pipes. In fact, Sheikh Bahai designed the heated pool of the hammam in a way that the sewage of this place would change into methane gas.  

Also, a part of deposited sludge of this place was used to produce biogas. Therefore, the water of this hammam was being warmed near the hammam by the fume and gas system (by using Methane gas of the Jame mosque's sewage and the oil dripping from Sheikh Bahai Assar Khane (Assar Khane is a place for preparing oil from the oilseeds).

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