29 July 2018 - 14:55
 Dehdashti historical house

Dehdashti house is one of the spectacular places of Isfahan that belongs to Qajar era. It is located in 110 Dehdashti Dead End, Jahan Nama Alley, Bab Alrahmat Street, Darvazeh Dowlat, Chaharbagh Abbassi Avenue. This historical house is registered as the national monument of Iran on March 11, 2007, with the registration number of 18102.

Isfahan (IMNA) – In comparison to the past time, going to the cafes in summer days has become more popular among people. Unlike other cafes in other cities, Isfahan's cafes are located in the traditional and historical texture of the city, and many historical houses or old buildings have turned into cafes or restaurants. One of the houses that has been changed into a café is "Dehdashti Historical House" which is today called "Houger Café". This cafe has two different hosting space; outdoor space (with a beautiful and green yard) and also an indoor space (with beautiful and magnificent rooms).

This place is one of the most beautiful and the best cafes in Isfahan due to its spectacular space, and appetizing and various menu items. Unlike other cafes and restaurants, the menu of Houger café includes traditional Iranian and Isfahani food like Kashk Bademjan, Kaleh Joosh, and etc. The distinctive features of Houger café is the beautiful yard with a wonderful pool and its tasty plates!

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