Half a percent of handicraft exports of world belongs to Isfahan

"Isfahan as a creative city, the capital of culture and civilization, and also with 199 handicrafts and the most number of artists, accounts for only half a percent of the handicraft export of the world," Gholamreza Feizollahi, a doyen member of craft union of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Despite the great potential, the most important reason that causes not to introduce Isfahan's handicrafts to the world is the lack of effective presence of handicraftsmen on the international level," Gholamreza Feizollahi said in a meeting focused on Isfahan's handicrafts.

"The municipality should help the handicraftsmen to attend in various craft exhibitions which are held in Isfahan's fourteen step sister cities, so that the arts of Isfahan's artists will be introduced to the abroad and their potentials will bloom in different cities of the world," he said.

Referring to the architecture of Isfahan, Gholamreza Feizollahi said, "Today, a lot of bricks are used in the architecture of Isfahan, while the nature of brick creates depression and deadness in a first glance. Because of this fact, in the architecture of the building during the Seljuk era, tile and brick were used together."

"The reason that Imam Ali square is not as much interesting as other historical sites in Isfahan is the fact that, bricks are the only elements used in its architecture. Therefore, it seems that using tiles and Chinese knotting in architecture is a valuable action that can attract the visitors' attention," he added.

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