Where is  land of angel who moves wind?

Baghbadoran city is located in 60 kilometers southwest of Isfahan. Baghbahadoran, Bagh-e Azaran, Bagh-e Babadaran, Bagh-e Baghdaran, Baghbadran, and Baghvardoon are different names of this city that each of them has special etymology.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Baghbadoran district includes 2 cities called Baghbadoran and Chermahin, and in rural areas it includes 37 villages. Some people believe that "Baghbadoran" means "the angel who moves the wind"; this name is mentioned in most historical documents and it is also accepted by the municipality and Islamic city council.

Since ancient times, the bankside of the Zayandeh rood has been the starting point of development and civilization in this area; therefore the most important point about Baghbadoran is that it has the oldest civilization. The remained ancient monuments like Ghale Kafar fire temple, four military towers, pottery works, and tiles from Safavid era reflect the prosperity of this city during different eras.

Baghbahadoran city has been considered as the most important hub of agriculture, gardening, and cultivation of cereals due to its adjacency to Zayande-Roud River, favorable soil, and mild climate. It is also a suitable place for animal husbandry and the production of dairy products because of its lush plains. People live in this area have not only been self-sufficient in rice and wheat production, but also they can export them because of the sufficient arable lands there.

Due to its geographical location, this city is considered as a suitable summer quarter place for people especially in the first 6 months of the year. Being located near the Zayande-Roud River, Baghbadoran is considered as one of the most important tourist attractions in Isfahan. We can refer to the historical attractions of this city like Imamzadeh Ibrahim mausoleums, the historical center of the castle of the four towers, the library and house of Professor Mansour Amini Baghbadorani, the old elm tree of Habib Khan and the old fig tree, Ghale Kafar fire temple, and also coastal paths.

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