Isfahan the folklore capital of Iran

"Isfahan is the folklore capital of Iran, and we should make a new history from our whole history," Nematollah Fazeli, the faculty member of Allameh Tabatabaei University of Tehran said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Stating that in addition of existence of many cultural values in Isfahan, it should be mentioned that Isfahan is the capital of folklore in Iran, Nematollah Fazeli said in the first meeting of "The folklore and public culture issues in Iran."

"Isfahan with a special dialect, handicrafts, historical places, specific architecture, with a particular type of lifestyle and aesthetics, is an actual crystallization of the whole culture of people in Iran of today and the contemporary world; also the Asar Khaneh Shahi museum is one of the most prominent symbols of the culture of people in Isfahan.

"The tourism industry tends to turn the folklore into a kind of commodity through which money and profits will be obtained; however, the fact is that the culture of people cannot change into a commodity. Also, different ideologies tend to turn the folklore into a political issue or a tool to train people and even as means of living. Altogether, it can be said that simultaneously all of these cases and none of them are in folklore, he added.

"How can we reach to the culture creation from our country's historical experience? At the moment, we don’t produce anything, and in the best case, we present a demonstration of Safavid era for Isfahan, but we do not produce anything for the present time. We should not scarify our culture and history to earn money!" he said.

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